Playing level 6 with a 1-button joystick, pretty frantic :)
Video of one of the earlier versions

v0.99h Jul 05
v0.99g Jul 03
v0.99f Jul 02
v0.99e Jul 01
v0.99d Jun 30

    Added championship option, 85 levels, 3 championship levels.
    Fixed collision detection, 85 levels.
    Fixed another digging bug, 75 levels.
    Added custom levels option, fixed digging bugs, 70 levels.
    Halved guard falling speed, added Z/X keys for digging left/right, added difficulty setting, 65 levels.

Lode Runner Retro HTML5 (JS/Phaser)
Lode Runner Retro HTML5 (Haxe/OpenFL)
Lode Runner Retro Flash (Haxe/OpenFL)
Lode Runner Retro Linux64 zip (Haxe/OpenFL)
Lode Runner Retro Windows zip (Haxe/OpenFL)
Lode Runner Retro Webstart
Lode Runner Retro Applet
Download for Linux 32 bit
Download for Linux 64 bit
Download for Windows 32 bit
Download for Windows 64 bit
Download for Solaris 32 bit
Download for Solaris 64 bit
Download for Mac OSX
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 Run in your browser
 Run in your browser
 Native executable
 Native (neko) executable
 Should work for all platforms listed below. Newer Java's (7u6+) may need to 'Enable online certificate validation'
 Run within your browser.

 You may get a 'Bad file descriptor'. Just unzip or 'jar -xf' LodeRunner.jar

 If you only have a JRE, change LodeRunner.bat to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\java" (your JRE install)
Download for Windows 32/64 bit, if you don't have/want JAVA (includes 32 bit standalone JRE)